Pack’n Drive focuses on the smart mobility and considers car as a services platform (CaaS model). Pack' N Drive wants to offer several services by connecting the vehicles to applications allowing a permanent interaction. What consists in offering a new customer experience attractive, digital and relevant.

UX - User Experience

  • Use of innovative technologies such as chatbot to be at the forefront of user experience in a simplified and interactive way (conversational).

  • The experience is also omnicanale by allowing to initiate declaration on the interface of his vehicle and finalize it on his smartphone.


  • The Blockchain provides an uninterrupted history of all data transactions.
    In this way, it is totally transparent.

  • In addition, vehicle datas are an important element for total transparency.


  • Security is ensured by the continuity between the nodes, as well as by the cryptography of the data, which makes the system anonymous and robust.

  • Similarly, datas from connected vehicles make it possible to increase security and significantly reduce attempts at fraud.

About us

Pack'n Drive aims to be an important player in Car-as-a-Service (Car-as-a-Service), offering a better customer experience and simpler and more transparent conversational interactions.

Pack'n Drive uses breaking technologies, ChatBot & Blockchain, to offer a highly differentiating service. Out of 1020 InsurTechs, only 2% use these technologies.

The short-term goal is to realize PoC in partnership with insurance companies and car manufacturers.

User experience




Chat Bot


Connected Cars



Launch of PoC Chainly - InsurTech

Pack'n Drive has launched the Chainly project to offer a new user experience for claims reporting (Embedded Solution for Connected Vehicles) and wants to set up an experiment with insurance, automotive, Connected and Smart Mobility. The Chainly project is part of the dynamics of connected cars. Via Chatbot, the client can declare his claim to insurance, ask a tow truck to take charge of his vehicle, make an appointment with the garage, and also call on a car expert. In the same way, he can ask questions directly to the insurance company to inquire about his contract or on the procedures to follow in the event of a claim.

The team

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